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Affordable pallet repairs in Halifax

Lower your costs today by using our pallet repair service - a great alternative to buying new or recycled pallets. At Sutcliffe Pallets we have the expertise to repair your broken pallets at very competitive prices. Having your pallets repaired can help you save on unwanted expenditure.

If you would like further advice or more information about our pallet repair services please contact us today. Our highly knowledgeable staff are always happy to discuss your individual requirements.


Based in Yorkshire, our pallet repair service is available across the north of England including Leeds, Huddersfield, Bradford and Halifax.

Ask about our pallet repair services

As a licensed waste trader, we can remove unusable pallets directly from your site. The wood from broken pallets can be used to create new pallets, thus benefiting the environment and cutting costs which we pass onto our clients. We also offer great prices for collecting and recycling usable pallets. Visit our collection and disposal page for more information.

Are your pallets beyond repair?


Are your pallets in need of repair? Call the pallet repairers in Yorkshire today on:

01422 244 036