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a stack of pallets with one leaning on them an open crate with a pallet underneath two heat treated pallets

Heat treated pallets for exportation

If your wooden pallets are being exported or travelling abroad, the ISPM 15 regulation requires that they are heat treated or fumigated. This important safety process kills insects or fungus prior to transportation and prevents pests and diseases spreading across countries.

At Sutcliffe Pallets our heat treated pallets are stamped with the recognised stamp upon treatment. We also issue the certificate needed to accompany the shipment in order for your goods to be allowed abroad successfully.

Fully stamped and certified pallets

Whether you are purchasing brand new pallets and racking boards or recycled wooden pallets, our heat treatment service is available across all of our timber products.

Heat treatment available on all our products


To book your pallet heat treatment in Yorkshire - call:

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