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Need to sell pallets in Yorkshire?

Do you have old pallets that you can no longer use? Would you like to sell them to us? As a licensed waste carrier we can clear your site of unusable pallets and offer you cash in return. Our pallet collection service is a fast, convenient and extremely cost effective solution to pallet disposal - and it helps the environment.

Where your pallets can still be used we restore them and sell them on as recycled pallets so that they can be used again. If your pallets are beyond use we will break them down into materials that can be used to create new pallets.

What happens to my old pallets?

We offer extremely competitive prices and pride ourselves on offering an open and honest service to all of our customers. Whether you're one of our large Blue Chip customers or an independent local business, take advantage of our great prices and contact us today.

How much are my pallets worth?


Your pallets bought for cash - call Sutcliffe Pallets today on:

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